Custom is standard, not a feature.

Our Specialities

Here are some of the reasons why you should play on our servers:


When we say roleplay, we mean roleplay. That's why on our servers, we aren't so up-tight about the rules as other servers may be. We believe the key to a fun roleplay experience is to ROLEPLAY, not to spend 10 minutes in an unnecessary admin sit.

High Quality Administration

In order to make the roleplay experience on our servers as fun as possible, we need to have a staff team willing to back us up. That's why our selection process is very, very difficult to pass, and why you will only find the best people in charge of making sure your experience is up to our standard.

Unique Content

Something we believe lacks in other servers is content that isn't purchased from third party sources or downloaded from the workshop. That's why on our servers, you will find lots of content that is only used on our server, because we made it!


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